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Robotics Tournament

Registration is open to teams from MAIS member schools for 5th to 10th-grade students. The tournament will take place over the course of 2 days and will involve multiple events and an awards ceremony. Additionally, visiting students will be able to participate in cultural exchange activities sponsored by the host school.

The tournament will be divided into 6 separate competitions events. Each team will have an opportunity to compete against every other team at least once, and some events will also include an elimination round. Medals will be presented during the awards assembly.

  • Sumo Bots

  • Speed Drag Racing

  • Power Trailer Pull

  • Tug-of-Wars

  • Line Following Race

  • Maze/Sensor Challenge

The ROBOMED tournament provides a unique international competition promoting the:

  • Construction of programmable robots using motors, sensors, wheels, and axles, etc.

  • Testing and design revision to improve robot performance and solve problems.

  • Gaining practical, hands-on experience using mathematical concepts.

  • Application of critical thinking skills to code and debug computational language.

  1. Each team must design, build, and BRING a trailer to connect to their robot for the Power Trailer Pull Event (see document for details).

  2. Each tug-o-war robot must have a place where a string can be tied securely (and will resist pulling apart).

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