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ESL, Special Needs and Technology

2021 ESL, Special Needs & Technology Conference

March TBA, hosted at the Rabat American School

The Combined Optimal Match and Technology Conference is also held annually. By combining the special needs and technology conferences, PreK-12 teachers, counselor's technology specialists and administrators will be able to explore in-depth the crossover and connections between the two fields. The conference format allows for the special needs experts to co-present with the technology specialists. The purpose of the ESL, Special Needs & Technology program is:

  • To assist the classroom teacher in adjusting the school program, curriculum, and classroom environment.

  • To fit the needs of referred students including those with Learning Differences,

  • Gifted and Talented, ESL, and other specialized areas.

  • To match the developmental needs of the student with appropriate instructional materials and strategies.

  • To make appropriate referrals.

  • To determine what capabilities and limitations the school may have in assisting the student to maximize optimal progress and growth.

Delegates have the opportunity to listen to speakers address today's major issues in the fields of special education and technology, as well as to attend smaller interactive break-out sessions addressing specific topics. Conference delegates also have the opportunity to enjoy the cultural and historical richness of the host city.

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