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Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Child Protection

For child safeguarding and protection resources, check out the EdPortal

MAIS Child Protection Series

Facilitated by Debbie Downes, Director of Global School Initiatives 
International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC)




This course enables deep training of school-based child protection response teams to fulfill accreditation standards. Experts will support response team work on creation and audit of child protection policies and supplemental policies, such as online safety and child-on-child abuse. Teams will work together to develop shared values around child protection while evaluating their institutional risks and vulnerabilities.

  • The ITFCP allegation protocol will be introduced, and teams will use case reviews to understand victim and offender behavior. Topics addressed include first responder question formation, and the grooming process. Individual team planning using course-provided scaffolding will be emphasized. Support and resources for whole staff training will be provided through the training-of-trainers approach.

  • Because the planning time is collaborative, schools are encouraged to send multiple team members.

Target Audience:
This training is geared solely towards response teams. Response teams are comprised of child protection designates and deputies, senior leaders and designated board members, counselors, HR professionals, athletic and activity directors, nurse/medical staff, and staff with special child protection responsibilities including IT, social emotional learning (SEL), trips/service learning, and curriculum areas of vulnerability including early years, special needs/SEN, athletics, music and performing arts.
·      Understand child protection accreditation standards and foundational beliefs.
·      Determine needed policies and stages of implementation.
·      Identify supporting resources, including ITFCP Allegation Protocol, audits, and CP policy samples.
·      Work as a team to enhance or create CP policies and procedures.
·      Prioritize supplemental policies.
·      Understand basic victim and offender behavior.
·      Identify and accomplish five fast tasks that make your school safer.

Level I Child Protection

Child Safeguarding and Protection Conference
Albania on April 19-20, 2024 at the Rogner Hotel, Tirana, Albania

This two-day, in-person event provides deep training for school-based child protection team members. ICMEC Regional Trainers will offer Level I and Level II workshops that support schools in strengthening child protection policies and procedures and include case studies. We’ll also provide time for community building, support, and experience sharing to help you build your regional network.


As Level II workshops are geared toward child protection team members, we recommend that teams work together to choose different workshops based on role at the school, role on the team, and interest so that the team represents a range of expertise.  

Level I
For anyone who has not yet completed an ICMEC Level I course, we’ll offer it on day 1. Completion of Level I is required for participation in Level II. The training is comprised of BOTH asynchronous and synchronous modules and it is expected that participants will complete both.
This foundational course enables deep training of school-based child protection (CP) team members, and covers 6 essential synchronous modules:

  1. Rights-Based Child Protection

  2. Online Safety

  3. Policies and Procedures

  4. Establishing a Team Approach

  5. ITFCP Managing Allegation Protocol

  6. First Responder Training

Level II
We’ll offer the following Level II workshops over the course of the 2-day conference. We will do our best to allow everyone to take the courses of their choice, and may offer some workshops more than once to meet demand. 

•    Online Safety
•    Risk Assessment
•    Child-on-Child Abuse
•    Safer Hiring for Safer Schools
•    Cultural Sensitivity in Safeguarding
•    Deciphering Victim Behavior
•    Training for Medical Staff
•    Working with Parents
•    Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation


Visa information: US & UK citizens do not need visas. For all other passports, please see the online visa application here:

Hotel reservations: The rooms at Rogner Hotel are limited, so we are including other nearby hotels that are within walking distance of Rogler Hotel for your consideration. 
o    Rogner Hotel: 
o    Tirana Marriott:
o    Maritim Hotel Plaza Tirana:

Child Protection Conference
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