Award Winner



The Robert Sills Student Award is open to all enrolled students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, from MAIS member schools. 


Robert Sills was an exemplary educator, leader, and inspiring individual, who served as President of the Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS). In his memory and through the generosity of TieCare InternationalMAIS has established the annual Robert Sills Student Award to be granted annually to students in middle school (i.e. grades 6-8, inclusive) currently enrolled at MAIS members schools.

In the spirit of Robert Sills, the award is meant to recognize students who are a credit to themselves and to their schools. The award is not meant to recognize a specific academic, athletic, or artistic talent or achievement, although nominees may well excel in one or more of these areas. The award is granted to those exemplary middle school students who model the character traits that we value most in our students: persistence, a willingness to take risks, acceptance of other cultures and points of view, and a genuine interest in a sustained commitment to others to the welfare of others.


A total of one award of $500.00 will be granted in the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Full Member Directors are sent the Nomination Application and Guidelines in the Spring semester each school year.​