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May 5-7, 2023 in Rome

Directors Leadership Conference

Engaging Learners with Eduprotocols

All over the globe, students are disengaged, underwhelmed, and, quite often, cheating their way through school - just trying to run out the clock to graduation. Jon Corippo will be sharing the answer. Schools that work with EduProtocols lesson frameworks are reporting 2-4x student growth, high engagement levels, far more 4Cs activity, and dramatically lower student discipline issues. Jon will be sharing free-to-use EduProtocols that create a high-performance classroom that engages all learners.


There’s no curriculum to buy or fancy workbooks. In most cases, students will be using the internet, devices, and tools you already own. EduProtocols work with paper as well as tech. EduProtocols are all in line with research by Hattie, Marazano, and Fullan.


This high-energy, hands-on session will excite and inspire educational leaders at all levels. Best of all, Jon includes “free lifetime tech support” - he’ll help your teachers come aboard with one pedagogical practice that truly works!

Jon Corippo has trained over 60,000 teachers in the last five years, his EduProtocols book series has had five Amazon bestsellers and is now published in three countries, and he’s done classroom takeovers in 350 classrooms since Fall 2021. Jon has served as the executive director of an educational non-profit in California with 27,000 members, hosting a 6000 educator annual event. He’s served as a county-level assistant superintendent. Jon co-founded a 1:1 high school in 2008 which has won numerous national awards.  Most importantly, Jon has nearly twenty years in the classroom. With “human children”. And Jon has created systems that engage, inspire and get academic results like nothing else. EduProtocols are loved by teachers near and far, and Jon is coming to share them with the leaders of MAIS.

Jon Corippo
Eduprotocol Field Guide Book 1 and 2 Author
Apple Distinguished Educator
Google Certified Teacher
Microsoft Innovative Educator
YouTube Star Teacher
Helpful Guy


Friday, May 5     
 Welcome Group Dinner
Saturday, May 6     
9:00-16:00    Group Worksh
op and Discussion
17:00-22:30    Activity and Dinner
Sunday, May 7     
9:00-10:00    Administrative Meeting
10:30-16:00    Cultural Activity and Lunch

Square Stage

Hotel Crowne Plaza St. Perters Rome

Via Aurelia Antica 415

Tel. 02 5300561



Single room with breakfast €140.00
Double room with breakfast €155.00
Includes breakfast & 10% vat

Does not include the city tax of € 6,00 p.p., p. day.

Reservation Deadline 31 March 2023

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