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On behalf of MAIS, it is with great enthusiasm that we welcome you to the Annual Teachers and Administrators Virtual Conference 2021.


The focus remains on relevant, next-generation job-embedded learning by providing high-quality authentic learning opportunities to foster the conditions necessary to transfer new skills into practice.


Gain access to a strong system of support with sequential and collaborative professional learning that facilitates the implementation of evidence-based practices and solutions to ensure positive outcomes.


We look forward to your participation and learning together at this event and throughout the rest of the academic year. 



Each topic has two 1.5 hour sessions, part 1 (Oct. 17-22) and part 2 (Oct. 24-29).


Session Topics

Explore a strand in-depth through a series of live sessions that will begin virtually at this conference and continue as hybrid sessions in early 2022. 

  • Keynote: Meeting the Moment with Fearless Inquiry: Using Questions to Design a Relevant and Just Path Forward - Homa Tavangar and Will Richardson

  • Assessments that IMPROVE Learning: Dispelling Myths About Formative and Summative Assessments and Making Grades Fair, Accurate, Meaningful, and Equitable: Lessons from Failed Grading Reform Efforts - Thomas R. Guskey, Ph.D.

  • Creating a Curriculum and Assessment System for 21st Century Learning - Jay McTighe

  • Digital Learning Best Practices for Educators- Bryan Polivka

  • First 10 Days Off to A Strong Start: Embedding SEL Competencies into Math Instruction (K-5)  - Erma Anderson

  • Finding the Language in the Learning: The Art of Inclusion and the Science of Scaffolding and
    Beyond Co-teaching: Collaboration as Professional Learning: 
    - Jon Nordmeyer

  • New Leadership Lenses (only for School Heads) - Homa Tavangar and Will Richardson

  • Reading and Writing Workshop - Becky Koesel

  • MVS IT Directors Roundtable - Jeremy Schwartz & Fernando Montalban



Registration includes


  • Opportunity to earn graduate credit by attending the live sessions

  • Certificate of participation with PD hours for the conference

  • Access to the Whova conference app community to network with other participants for 6 months.

  • Peer discussion, recorded sessions, and resources will be available to view on the MAIS Community PLC site (for members only)


We are committed to bringing an optimal conference experience to the virtual setting


Sessions will be held in Zoom. Our conference app, Whova, will enable you to connect via computer or mobile phone with fellow participants, speakers, and exhibitors. You will also be able to plan your session schedule and build connections that last beyond the event itself.

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