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The Poetry Cafe Project is the latest collaboration initiative underway in the World Virtual School Project, drawing students from schools in MAIS, NESA, and AISA. More than 75 submissions have been uploaded in the 2013-2014 school year already!:The Poetry Café is a showcase of student poetry and videos. Students can create and submit (upload) videos in which they recite, illustrate, interpret, animate, etc. original poems (written by themselves) or published poetry (written by others). Although the specific formats and requirements will vary considerably across grade levels, courses, and assignments, one key feature will be universal: video uploading, collections and exhibitions, and student commentaries. A Poetry Cafe workshop was hosted at the MAIS annual confercen in Seville November 2014 where Language Arts teachers and technology specialists worked to develop guidelines, protocols, and exciting plans for the coming school year.

This project integrates humanities with technology and multimedia.The project is open to LS, MS and US students and classes.


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