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MAIS Honor Choir

in Rome, Italy

March 29-April 2, 2017

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The MAIS Honor Choir is open to singers in grades 6-8 exclusively, from MAIS member schools. It is for students who show excellence in singing and musicianship and who consistently display a high level of personal character and discipline. This is the 25th annual MAIS Honor Choir; previous years have included performances in Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Lisbon, Casablanca, Trieste and Tunis. Each school may bring 12 students; more may come depending on availability and upon request.

In November, each group receives the music that has been carefully selected by the choir conductor. Each choir practices the songs as individual groups until March when the activity begins. Yearly, approximately 10 choir groups from various American international schools travel and convene to form a choir group of 120 students.

The activity takes place over 4 days, during which the choir conductor, the pianist and music teachers must integrate, organize and train the choir group. The students attend choir practices daily; they learn about the songs and their significance, how to act as a choir, perfect signing in different languages, try out for solos and coordinating dance movements for each song.

Students not only participate by singing they also play accompanying instruments. To ensure the kids also learn and experience the culture and history of the city they are visiting, cultural excursions are included. The group performs twice, once at the host school for the benefit of the student body and the main performance which is open to the public. All proceeds from the concert are donated on behalf of the MAIS Honor Choir to a charity chosen by the host school. The diversity of the songs combined with the diverse backgrounds of the children themselves who work hard to come together as a group, makes for a unique performance.

2018 Honor Choir

Lisbon, Portugal: March 21-25, 2018

hosted by Carlucci American International School of Lisbon


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