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The Mediterranean Association of International Schools was formed in 1981 by the joining of the Maghreb Association and the Iberian Council of International Schools. MAIS presently has 44 Member Schools located in 16 countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Malta, and Cyprus. Associate Memberships are available for schools, colleges, businesses and interested individuals and organizations worldwide.

All MAIS Member Schools have an American based curriculum; however, each is influenced by its geographical location, student body and diversity of nationalities in its community.

The MAIS focus is to help its members evaluate and meet the varying educational needs which result from providing an American education in an international setting. MAIS Members and Associates are provided with opportunities to liase with Member Schools through their participation at the Annual MAIS Conference and other MAIS activities throughout the year.


The mission of MAIS is to improve the quality of education in Member Schools by promoting the professional development of Faculty, Administrators and School Board Members; effect communication and interchange; and create international understanding. MAIS serves as a liaison between Member Schools, host country schools, Associate Member organizations and other regional, professional and in-service organizations.


Mediterranean Association
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